Strange Meeting YOU? Janet and Janette MIB-UFOlogists, ALienologists?

Janet Lynn Thompson and Theresa Janette Thurmond


Well, Janet,


I know that people do not know us by the names we were born with. How many people actually feel like us?

We want to discover where we fit in in this world and thus far, we have been reporters and researchers.

Very unique journeys we have had in this world and found our way both being women in government contractor positions.

As independent women, we both found our way to Hawaii.

I was leaving in 1994 and you have just arrived around Halloween 1993? You may say it was November but you write that story.


My story is from my memory or what is left of it now that I am 72 years old and will be 73 on December 26, 2024

I find myself back in Texas. My life turned around in 2023 once more and by January, 2024 I was driving once again to the future.

I only had my dog which at 14 years she passed now in March 4, 2024,

and this was very sad for not just me but my sister and her husband.

We all loved this little dog which got to travel with me.


My last husband Tom died December 2, 2015 but his funeral was on D-Day December 7 oddly enough. He was always sad on that day.

After being his constant companion and later wife, it took me a long time to know him. You were interested in our story and how we met.

Today, I sit looking out the front window where my office faces the front and it is a cooler day and overcast for this area in Buda outside of Austin.

This book series we are working on together as the Portal Stargate Series has been talked about since June 6, 2012 when we both began radio together on TJ Morris ET Radio Shows on Blog Talk Radio. Then we both joined the other radio station in Georgia called Revolution Radio which was first produced in Kentucky where I lived.

We have spent so many hours talking about it that by now you have an idea of what you want to present in this trilogy.

I suggest we stand out in our fields of unique conversations as we have on our radio shows and now videos in social media.

We have not been building our audiences as many who worked along side us all these years. That was not our intended goal. We competed and completed our goals.

Now, we have decided to finally take the time to spend on us and our memoirs. To finally take our time to write our own trilogy and you have divided the 3 books up in your own mind anyway. I say bravo! Let’s take our lives before we met as the finally book say for me December 26, 1951 and for you February 6, 1954. My book the day after Christmas the day Christ was born or so we celebrate in life. Yours is the birthday of my grandmother who was so good to me and also President Ronald Reagan whom I met personally.

We over the years built a rather sketchy and shady background I think of me on shows about my work in investigations and so I want to tell a Men in Black Story for an audience that may not be totally aware that there truly are Men in Black dealing with people like us who have had ET and UFO experiences in our lives. We actually talked and told certain people but we never wrote the truth in a book before. So, our memoirs can be divided up as our own memories and we can put them in time frames.

For me it is not so much the book but the fun of building the book. I truly believe books take on a life all their own. We can try to control the process as writers however, it may not turn out the way either of us thought it should be. Therefore, maybe we should pick our stories as memoirs for a certain genre in either self-help-spiritual new or ascension age or simply list it in the Alienology-Ufology combination for those whom you have met at the prior UFO events you and Sasha attended? Maybe for several genres?

You want the meat of the stories and the details in the books. You also want them on a timeline. So, you do that as I simply brainstorm and plank on the keys of my laptop okay. You can help edit this once I run it on my Grammarly and we discuss the chapters on a timeline. So, You and I lived up to 1994. 1 Book. Then we discuss 1994 through 2012 when we began the TJ Morris ET Radio and Aquarian Radio separate since you wanted to run your own radio show.

I had already been talking on a blog talk show and the person who had me on was a follower of mine on UFO Digest. Then after appearing on his show, he told me I should have my own radio show so that was how I began. His idea after me being on his radio was for me to bring on my friends or build friends. I wanted to have the ACO Club as our Authors, Consultants, Orators with the Ace Folklife and our American Communications Online. So, I began using my ACO as my icon and brand. This served you and I as well.

We used it on Alien Contact Organization and on our Ascension Center Organization. One is more about the Alien Abductees and ET Contactees. One less favorable and the other more favorable like ET Angels.

We are still working out dualism on this planet so we will have those who oppose both sides the argument as pro and con. In other words, people say some aliens are bad and abduct us for our sperm and preproduction abilities.

Our book can compare our stories relating to that. I had for girls, you had no children or did we and we serve as human incubators? That story we can share but it’s so personal.

Then we felt as our higher selves made contact with immortal and divine personages or beings from above when we both had died or had near death experiences as (NDE). That is another part of our books. Both go in the first book as this happened before we both met so were we guided or destined to meet? Was this Kismet, Fate, Synchronicity? We met again after SWN Spiritual World Network or Your Spiritual Center at PSI World Seminars as People Synergistically Involved. We never broke that chain. So how did that work and this was set up to follow the Tony Robbins WOW although the man who started it an entrepreneur whose name escapes me, was known to share you don’t have to own it to use it. I took the workshops all the way up to the finally $5000K level in California on his ranch with his wife since he was deceased in 1993-1994 and I cannot remember the dates but around when your came and I was leaving for Kentucky. (See book up to 1994 and leaving Hawaii or me.).

So, 2012 happens after I met TOM. I met Thomas Ray Morris officially on March 8, 1995. I put that date on a red heart or had it painted on a craft board shaped like a heart that we got at a small craft fair in Tennessee I knew I had to remember the date. We then got married April 9, 2000 in Harford, Kentucky. We bought a cedar cabin in the woods in Beaver Dam, Kentucky and had cows and had his family over for a reunion once. It was great for him to be back with his father, Family and friends. His 3 sisters are still alive and live there where we left our good lives. He is buried in Rosine, Kentucky.

Then I had to move in 2016 after I went and was a consultant for Marta Thomas on the pyramid conference. She was wanting an event to happen in Chicago, Illinoi for her belief in pyramids as a Pyramidologist. We had a great time together and I had to return home to move to Florida where my daughters lived. Ginger Theresa Fay Parrish and you were aware of my life Poisoning to her before she died from MDS.

Milo Dysplastic Syndrome or a Cancer much like Leukemia from chemicals causing Benzine poisoning in her blood. Found in paint chemicals, solvents, and also in the ocean from the contaminated waste of oil rigs.

So, 2016 until 2023 or January 2024 and we did Stargate to the Cosmos in 2018.

We can sum up 2018 after the even, then Covid 19, 2019 through 2020. Then global reset 2020 and my dealing with my ET visitors on the beach, and at night, and again the two one with 3 eyes. So, 3 visits, plus I made videos I want you to watch and grab them off YouTube for our books.

I want to share what we built with our posts, pages, articles, blogs, over the years and why we did radio shows and why we now do videos which we changed with the times.

The Book of our strange meeting and having in common the spiritual community and psychic abilities building friends as government friends in Hawaii and how we seemed to be working among men who saw us as secretaries or librarians knowing that we had spoken about UFOS and Alienology?

First Book – OUR HISTORY

Second Book – OUR MEETING

Our 3rd Book – OUR MISSION?

We can write and put the information in order or on a timeline? Easier to know our read by years we lived and compared to our spiritual growth as this is our journey.

We put this n the Hero’s Journey Formatter as this is how we see all stories when we are brought up watching movies in America. Some of my best times we going to movies drive-Ins with my parents or indoors with them or my grandmother.

There is the trip to White Sands for me and how my relatives worked around the space industry including my first husband and his father for Grumman.

Meeting famous players or actors in this world like President Reagan, Christ Kraft head of NASA, and Michael Jackson during my psychic years in Hawaii.

I hope this helped you with a PROJECT PLAN or GAME PLAN and we can ADD Portal Stargate Books, Stargate to the Cosmos (2012-2018) and MIB Men in Balk then our own UFO and ET Stories.

Will keep us busy plus how my mission to make Ascension Center Organization as a spiritual community and anchoring it to your TANTRA RETREAT with SASHA became a story all to its self. We still have the Ascension Center Network of articles and our history back to me with TOM in HAWAII in American and Bluegrass music in Rosine with Bill Monroe and that story for the Kentucky Stories and how I began a weekly article for the newspaper. Lots of stories to tell if we live then we can write. Writer’s Write okay daily or at least weekly.

We will need to put a weekly article on our BLOGS and we need to grow our own communities and readers… It’s about education and uplifting humankind during the awakening awareness. Wi can share our energy and healing stories of healing our own wounds later.

For now, we write the spiritual journeys for all the Heroes who need to share their own stories!

Love and Light,

TJ Morris aka Theresa j Thurmond Morris

Theresa J Morris Host
Theresa J Morris