Your Voice in Your Brain Study

CODEBREAKERS -VOICE OF REASON BELIEF: A GENERAL MODE OF COGNITION IN OUR BRAIN – YOU DECIDE While religious faith remains one of the most significant features of human life, little is known about its relationship to ordinary belief at the level of the brain. Nor is it known whether religious believers and nonbelievers differ in […]

Paranormal R US!

Just learning about one’s own self is a never ending story. We all have something we do well. Mine is making life that seems normal not so much. I write paranormal and am always looking for ways inside the mind. Maybe the study of “US” is a form of old magic. Voodoo is not the […]

Faith of the Heart Ascension Emotions and Love

TJ Morris dba ACIR, Agent-Consultant-Organizer- Founder-Director Mission Statement: Let the peace of God rule in your heart. Live by the golden rule. Do unto others as one would have others do unto us as Ascension Christians. God is light, love, life and all things both inside and out. Give thanks to God and his son […]

Share your Business Online in USA with TJ

Services- Domains & Hosts Media Online Media Web Manager Your effectively designed website is a great way to find potential clients & generate sales. Effective web design & development services. We help your to determine the page layout, graphics, text location & color scheme of your site. If you are Interested , then please share […]

Ascension Liberty Life

WHO WE ARE TJ Morris Media is an Online Marketing agency. Our team members are best in class in their respective areas of expertise and receive ongoing online marketing training as part of their professional development. Founded in 2004, our digital marketing agency is recognized in the integration of content marketing, social media and SEO, […]

Liberty for God’s People in USA

We are the cessation of evil and lovers of liberty. We are the children of our forefathers and mothers and will claim the right to defend our land and our freedom for our own progeny. It is with the power of the almighty God that we all share as our heritage. We must never forget […]

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