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  Categories: 13 Paranormal Astral Plane Magick Occult, The Miracles Science UFOs Extraterrestrials Life After Death Out of Body Experiences Immortality Quantum Physics Spiritual Science Does it matter that we have 7 days and their meanings? 7 days Meaning The Seven-Day Week Meanings of the Names of the Days The Seven Day Week The Naming of the Days Sunday — Sun’s day Monday — Moon’s day Tuesday — Tiu’s day…


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Analysts-Consultants-Organizers (ACO) Community Guidelines   ACIR – American Culture International Relations – Information Services International   ACE Nonprofit Inc. Open Source Information Services Author’s Club includes Authors, Copywriters, and Editors (ACE) Owned and Operated by Theresa J Morris TJ Morris Entertainment Organization Balanced perspective: Everything’s got its plusses and minuses. TJ Morris Publishing Objective Unbiased Investigative Reporting In your reviews, comments and postings, we ask you to include a balanced…


Astronaut Story Musgrave

  Story Musgrave Physician Franklin Story Musgrave is an American physician and a retired NASA astronaut. He is a public speaker and consultant to both Disney’s Imagineering group and Applied Minds in California. Wikipedia Born: August 19, 1935 (age 79), Boston, MA Space missions: STS-33, STS-80, STS-61, STS-44, STS-6, STS-51-F Education: University of Houston–Clear Lake (1987), More Movies: Mission to Mars Siblings: Real Musgrave Children: Scott Musgrave, Lane Musgrave, Holly…


Cutting Edge Genome

Paul Edward Rosenberg Aka PDR Producer David Rosenberg Shares who we need to know, Paul is leading our Paranormal Track. DATE OF BIRTH: JUNE 27, 1966 PLACE OF BIRTH: NEW YORK CITY PROFESSIONS: SCREENWRITER, FILM DIRECTOR, FILM PRODUCER, TELEVISION PRODUCER, TELEVISION DIRECTOR, ACTOR, FILM SCORE COMPOSERCATEGORYRICHEST BUSINESSMEN, PRODUCERS   JJ Abrams Net Worth: JJ Abrams is an American film and television producer, screenwriter, director, actor and…


ACIR ERO By: Theresa J Morris

    The purpose of this is to raise awareness of who we are as the humanoid sentient intelligent being species. We share commentary now on our blog talk radio shows as podcasts which is live streaming and archiving.  The purpose of our lives is to find our truth we can trust to take with us when we live this planet, this realm of existence. We desire to highlight some…


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Cyberspace Culture Research Data INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND Words Cyberspace yberspace Culture Research Data INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND Words 06. February 2015 Europe’s Biggest Radio App and Website Launches an English-speaking Platform on •More than 20,000 radio stations from all over the world, all in one app – available for smartphones, tablets and laptops •Optimized search function and individualized playlists give you quick access to your personal…


Love & Soul

Unconditional Love “We all want to believe in something that binds us together in this world while we are here on this planet as humanoid sentient intelligent beings. This Something that binds us all together for lack of better knowing and understanding our own selves is about the soul and we call it unconditional love.” TJ Morris Unconditional Love   “We all want to believe in something that binds us…


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ACE Metaphysics Club and ACO UFO Club are joining with others to form interesting radio shows with TJ Morris ET Radio. We are placed into a category and must choose only ONE for the purposes of meeting the target word for classification purposes of the way Blog Talk Radio is set up. We work in many genres but have education, paranormal, and spirituality as our three main choices. We are…

By: Theresa J Morris

Ascension Centers

ASCENSION CENTERS By: Theresa J Morris Content Page 1. The Great Awakening   The Great Awakening is the understanding defined as the power to make experience more intelligible by analyzing it in the light of valid appropriate general concepts. TRUTH Truth has a way of awakening sleepwalkers and clearing the conditioned cobwebs from our minds. No one with the truth is ever welcome in any culture. However, one never fails…


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ACO Social Service Club with TJ MorrisList Price: $9.95 Add to CartAbout the author:Theresa J Morris, author, speaker, social entrepreneur is the founder of the ACO dba Ascension Center Organization, ACE Folklife dba ACE Nonprofit Inc, and TJ Morris dba ACIR. Theresa is known as TJ and has the TJ Morris ET Radio Talk Show. TJ specializes in Social Networking the Paranormal and Spiritual ACO Social Service Club. Theresa has…

Tommy Hawksblood
aka Thomas A Sinisi
ACO Membership
Chairman 2015


    TJ Morris dba ACIR, ACE, ACO 1/15/2014 – By: Theresa J Morris I was born on a Wednesday. Our ACO has born a new Energy officially launching the membership chairman for our Alien Contact Organization on Wednesday, January 14, 2015. Tommy Hawksblood aka Thomas A. Sinisi, born December 10, 1952 in New Jersey who now lives in Pahoa, (Big Island) Hawaii has been appointed to the position of…


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TJ Morris Treasure Shop Books & Gifts ASCENSION-CENTER-TM-LOGO-ICON Body-Mind-Spirits sharing the Birth-Life-Death Process “MADE IN USA” PRODUCTS & SERVICES   Theresa J Morris – Psychic Spiritual Adviser Readings- ACE Academy and ACE Metaphysical Institute. ACO Ascension Center Organization aka ACE Nonprofit Inc. Theresa J Morris – Psychic Spiritual Adviser Tarot Readings -Angels, psychics, Readers, Metaphysics, spiritual advisor. ACE Metaphysical Institute explores ET spirit journey. ACO Esoterics -Theresa J Morris– Intuitive…


Ascension Center Education Call to Action 2015 12/24 by TJ Morris ET Radio Show | Spirituality Podcasts

Ascension Center Education Call to Action 2015 12/24 by TJ Morris ET Radio Show | Spirituality Podcasts Check Out Spirituality Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with TJ Morris ET Radio Show on BlogTalkRadio ACE Nonprofit Inc. ~Call to Action with Ascension Center Education 2015!When you need to find counseling and guidance for the best talent and skills for your job requisitions, ACO Ascension Center Organization is ahead of the curve…