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Alien and ACE share the umbrella for our members, volunteers, conferences, and our websites for sharing communication of information as our community online practicing skills groups.

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  • ACE Metaphysicians Changing Reality Bill M Tracer/TJ Morris
    Bill and TJ are joined by members for a panel discussion on spiritual science, paranormal, metaphysics, ancient discoveries. ACE as both Ace Folklife Historical Association and Fostering educational excellence in spiritual fellowship growth, education, and continued research for the communication of truth. To promote student achievement in preparation of global competitiveness in communication online practicing […]
  • Alien Contact Org w/TJ Morris aka Theresa J Morris & Friends
    Alien Contact Org is based on ACO Alien Contact Organization book which was written by Theresa J Morris. Alien UFO Contact is also a book that was written by Theresa J Morris. Theresa who goes by TJ Morris shares ACIR and our cyberspace culture dealing with the fact that "Alien Civilizations Exist!"/ We are all […]
  • TJ Morris Metaphysicians Panel -Paranormal
    Diane Spirit Dancer of shares her Spiritual Journey. Tommy Hawkblood - Big Island - Tessa Dick (Wife of Philip K. Dick- Total Recall)-The Adjustment Bureau  )- Diana MClintic - RN-DN, of Fl., Janet Lessin of Maui, HI. TheresaJ Morris of KY. - Self-improvement in an relationship to Mother Earth. Unknown and Hidden Treasures in […]
  • ERA Cops ~Spirit & Space The Final Frontiers!
    ERA Cops a community online of people with intergalactic ascension consciousness ready for planetary galactic guidance. Inner and Outer Us on various brain training in the Think Tank of this Era in time. We discuss topics in a Panel Discussion of all topics of a higher nature of reality than that which has been called […]
  • ACE Metaphysicians Changing Reality From Within
    TJ Morris dba ACIR. ACE Metaphysicians share ACE Nonprofit Inc.Love and purpose of this is to raise awareness of who we are as the humanoid sentient intelligent being species. We share commentary now on our blog talk radio shows as podcasts which is live and leave streaming and archiving.  The purpose of our lives is […]
  • Alien Contact Org Ancient Mysteries & New Consciousness
    TJ is joined by friends, Thomas Becker of Ga. Jairo Bennu of U.K., Phil Laing of Ca., Diane SpiritDancer of Mi. Diana MClintic of Fl., Tommy Hawksblood of Hi. TJ writes books shares radio and advocates communication of information. TJ is the host of Cosmos Connection and TJ Morris ET Radio. Founder of ACE Metaphysical Institute for Ascension Center […]
  • ACE/ACO Spiritual Paranormal Metaphysicians Consciousness
    ACO Ascension Center Education - American Community Online - Ascension Consciousness Awareness of heightened  consciousness connections with Theresa J Morris,Bill M Tracer, Thomas A Sinisi aka Tommy Hawksblod present ACE/ACO Metaphysicians and ET on earth not so different than other humanoid beings of the humankind. ACE Nonprofit Inc Now Forming  health and prosperity. We all have the same […]
  • ACO Alien Contact Org Archivists of Truth for Spock
    ACO is now taking on members as Alien extraterrestrials on earth are not so different than other humanoid beings of the humankind. We are born with the basics the same as all other humanoids with a head, torso, two arms, and two legs. We all have the same brain and nervous system. We usually are born […]
    THOMAS BECKER, TJ MORRIS RADIO NETWORK MANAGER JOINS TOMMY HAWKSBLOOD to present the ACO Alien Contact Org ACE Metaphysicians CALL TO ACTION for 2015! We will be doing a FUND RAISER for our ACO CLUB MEMBERS asking them to participate in our MEMBERSHIP DRIVE with our MEMBERSHIP CHAIR PERSON TOMMY HAWKSBLOOD. Tommy is the President of the […]
  • Ascension Center Education Matrix Changes w/Phil Laing & TJ Morris
    ASCENSION CENTER ORG – PHIL LAING & TJ Morris - Diane Dancer of Michigan joins second hour. Phil is a workshop Facilitator and Radio Co-Host. Open discussion on current events and evolvement in ascension. Ascension Center Education on Learning and Teaching for Life Coaches. Learning styles and learning modalities are often spoken of interchangeably. Modalities […]

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Bio-Speaker TJ Morris aka Theresa J Morris

Theresa J Thurmond Morris Author/Life Coach

Theresa J
Thurmond Morris
Author/Life Coach

Theresa J Morris
Speaker/Educator · Beaver Dam, Kentucky
Author-Speaker-Radio Host-Workshop Presenter-Metaphysics, Paranormal, UFOs-She is the host of Cosmos Connection and TJ Morris ET Radio. Founder of ACE Metaphysical Institute for Ascension Center Education and ACO Energetics, she is the author of books and hundreds of articles that have been published worldwide. She is a paranormal investigative reporter and host of paranormal talk shows. TJ Morris Media since 2004 includes topics of Fortean, science mysteries, exploring artists, authors, and writers of art and science. Health, wellness, prosperity, cosmology, metaphysics, and alien contact preparedness are shared in her self-help motivational speaking. TJ is best known as a Life Coach Intuitive for healing intuition in her tarot readings, radio shows, metaphysics, universal life, akashic field cyberspace culture for critical mass mind creativity. TJ began ACE-ACO Artists-Authors Club, TJ Morris Treasure Show and owns a book & gift store as TJ Morris Treasure Shop. TJ has been a syndicated columnist online since 2004, contributing writer to UFO Digest since Aug 2007, and authored and published as imprint Timely Manor Books.Copyright Laws of the United States – TJ Morris Publishing – News – Media – Hosting.Members Publishing Object

Aliens ETS & UFOS, ACE Life Coach. TJ was asked to do radio show as TJ Morris ET Radio and Cosmos Connection on Revolution and motivational speaker and Life Coach while doing an ET Spirit Guide. TJ Morris has had ET UFO Experiences her entire life. TJ inspires other to share their spiritual journey for soul growth in the cosmos. TJ now supports the TJ Morris Radio Network and the ACE Nonprofit Inc. Charity for education and research purposes of her ACO-ACE Club of American Community Online Freedom of Speech Club. Allied Council Intergalactic Relations. American Culture International Relations, Alien Contact Investigative Reporters. ACIR-ACO – Alien Contact Organization. See and with TJ has, and and shares as her umbrella charity for metaphysicians. TJ connects others who are writers of the paranormal as authors, photographers, ufologists, videographers, artists, scriptwriters, website hosts, and publishers. This information can assist anyone who is truly interested in the fact that “Alien Civilizations Exist!” TJ Morris ET Tarot Readings – communication of truth. To promote student achievement in preparation of global competitiveness in communication online practicing skills. We specialize in art, culture, education, and research. We provide a spiritual gathering place online for private and group counseling, classes, seminars, publications, video tapes, and media of spiritual education, research, in products and services. Classes, events, radio shows, seminars, are formed to discuss workshop materials, revelations, teachings, and experiences of transformation in individuals. We do this through expansions in consciousness. We also share the healing of the planet and species with love and light in a trusting environment. Each member is continually supported in their spiritual journey and path of enlightenment. Each member is assisted in our community online as what we call the Internet to spiritual and educational self-growth, self-improvement, communication skills, speechcraft, and leadership abilities as both students and teachers in this world. Metaphysics, theology, neuroscience in 1980s and moved to Hawaii. Became a President CEO. Founded the first Ascension Center and Psychic Network 1989 -1994. Transferred to Fort Hood, Killeen, TX where she met her husband Thomas R Morris, and US Army-Retired. Drove commercial semi 18 wheeler truck over the road all 48 lower states before becoming an author blogger online 2004-2014 became a UFOlogist 2007 writing for UFO Digest and as an Author of Books 2007-2014 include Roswell Encounters, Roswell Connection, Taken Up, Enchanted Development, Theresa of Ascension, Knowing Cosmology, ACO Alien Contact Organization. TJ has been a Radio Host since June 3, 2012. TJ Morris Spiritual Science Community and TJ does Tarot Readings as a Life Coach-Business Consultant. TJ Morris ET UFO Experiencer. TJ has a call to action to everyone to join our,, and ACE is a joint cyberspace communication command with Commander TJ Morris in various network trade and gaming to share communication., See
TJ Morris Radio Schedule. BTR is abbreviation for

TJ Morris Media Entertainment

TJ Morris Media

TJ Morris Entertainment

TJ Morris Entertainment





Allied Council Orbit

Allied Council

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    In spite of the woman’s sudden and strange appearance out of nowhere, Howard was not frightened. He was instead “overcome by an overwhelming sense of wonderment” that made him freeze in his tracks. He felt a tremendous surge of warmth and love emanating from the woman and he approached her as one would an old […]
    I have long considered our society decadent, deranged, and puritanical all at once. For our purposes, I will not attempt an analysis of the various cultural, economic, and environmental issues that undermine our ability to lead free and happy lives.   Click here to enlarge top map.  Brasil as shown in relation to Ireland on […]
    One of the most fascinating – and difficult to analyze – aspects of the UFO phenomenon is the apparent non-randomness of sightings and the effects those sightings have on those who witness them. Often a long chain of events begins for the witness after a sighting, events fraught with various synchronicities, time distortions and lingering, […]
  • The Beast of Bray Road’s First Appearance
     by Len Faytus The Beast of Bray Road first came to light in southeastern Wisconsin when The Week ran an article by Linda Godfrey on the last Sunday of December 1991. The article described a werewolf-like creature that had been … Follow Your Fate...
    Sausalito was once the site of a Coast Miwok settlement known as Liwanelowa. The branch of the Coast Miwok living in this area were known as the Huimen (or as Nación de Uimen to the Spanish). Early explorers of the area described them as friendly and hospitable. According to Juan de Ayala, "To all these […]
  • Fate Magazine » 2015-03-23 21:19:09
    Akashic Records Angel Card Readings   Astrology INTUITIVE TAROT AND ASTROLOGY TUNE-UPS. Readings are economically priced at $80.00 per hour, $45.00 1/2 hour and $25.00 for a 15-minute consultation. Contact Chris Anderson at: 262-279-5686 Email: After Death Communication Books/Magazines/Publications FREE BOOK TREE CATALOG. Hundreds of … Follow Your Fate...
  • ACIR-ACE-ACO Social Media Credentials
    Social Media Credentials Social media credentials give users a chance to apply for the same access as journalists in an effort to align the access and experience of social media representatives with those of traditional media. People who actively collect, report, analyze and disseminate news on social networking platforms are encouraged to apply for media […]

TJ Morris ACO UFO Club

Detection theory has applications in many fields such as diagnostics of any kind, quality control, telecommunications, and psychology. Where are we going with the “Alien ET UFO Community?” We have so many websites online in our “Cyberspace Culture”. We are about the change of UFO Culture.
Is there any reality to the space race and all of us who have been told about a secret space fleet?
We are about exploring and mining in space, using the moon minerals as resources. Various countries are speaking now on our planet and why haven’t we returned to the moon? The arguments are substantial for mining the moon. We said dead world moon and Mars but why do we man NASA and 27 Space Agencies around the world? We are moving into the future with our 3D accumulation of information and we are in information overwhelm. Being the consciousness connection is the part of us that plugs into the “Theory of Everything Grid”.
It is time to share that the top 1% of those in the world work from the center of greed and do not work with true balance centered for all humankind. The intelligent force that parked celestial bodies such as the sun, moon, earth and stars is allowing us to decide for our own self through discernment. We are learning the strange and mysterious that once perplexed our ancient ancestors. History is a bridge between the past and the future and the present is ever changing.
Theresa J Morris for ACO - Theresa J Morris Radio Host
Theresa J Morris aka TJ Thurmond Morris is the Host of TJ Morris ET Radio and Founder of ACO UFO Club
Aliens and UFOs
Alien Abduction
Alien Encounters
Ancient Astronauts
Human Consciousness

  • TJ Morris Entertainment
    Ascension Center Education Network-ACE Nonprofit Inc. ACE Nonprofit Inc., Ascension Center Education, ACE Metaphysical Institute Arts & Entertainment Community in Cyberspace Culture Online Radio. We specialize in art, culture, education, science, technology, history, folklife, entertainment that includes science fiction and fantasy. Our imaginations is what inspires us to be human and to raise our consciousness […]
  • American Community Online Topics
    ACIR – American People Ethics How to Protect Yourself EDUCATE THE PEOPLE! TJ TJ Morris Entertainment Agency Keywords: spirituality; religion; ethics; psychotherapy Spiritual People Integration aka SPI ACE Institute A division of TJ Morris ACE Metaphysical Institute Strictly for blogging entertainment purposes due to aging of information shared over the last 50 years with Theresa […]
  • Event Schedule Planner 2015
    EVENT SCHEDULE PLANNER 2015 ASCENSION CONVENTION ACE NONPROFIT INC ACE FOLKLIFE SOCIETY THERESA J MORRIS TJ Morris Media, TJ Morris Radio Network, and TJ Morris Entertainment Organization is happy to be working on behalf of the Art-Culture-Education and Education Research Association Community Online People as ECO COP. We have various social networking associations, clubs, groups, […]
  • TJ Morris ET Radio Shows
                                            TJ Morris Radio Schedule. BTR is abbreviation for Monday – (off) Tuesday – BTR – TJ Morris Media – ET Spirit Guide TJ Morris Tarot Tuesday – 8-10E Wednesday – BTR – Ascension Center Energetics -Wed-Women TJ Morris Media – 8-10 E Thursday – BTR – ERA Cop -Thur-Men – TJ […]
  • Ascension Center Education with Dan Willis, Janet & TJ 12/17 by TJ Morris ET Radio Show | Spirituality Podcasts
    Ascension Center Education with Dan Willis, Janet & TJ 12/17 by TJ Morris ET Radio Show | Spirituality Podcasts