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TJ Morris dba ACIR

American Culture International Relations


Theresa J Morris
& Friends

Theresa J Morris is a small business owner. TJ Morris dba ACIR is her federal registration name since September 2004. Prior to that she worked unde her maiden name  as TJ Thurmond. Theresa serves as an ambassador of goodwill in public relations and as an online administrator for various interests groups in social media.  Theresa personally maintains her own media-news-publishing group of friends who join her ACO CLUB. THE ACO CLUB is involved in serving as agents, consultants, organizers, with friends and supporters in social media.

The category in business is education and health The life skills are improved upon so that each member can be recognized as their full potential selves. Health and wellness are topics of discussion in spirituality. Spiritual Science, metaphysics, esoterics, parapsychology are the most interested topics for entertainment and health and wellness with friends and their social habits and behavior modifications with a cultural historical research group is at the heart of our gathering of information. We have authors who share their personal interest in research and get to know each other as a peer group and review board.

TJ Morris dba ACIR

TJ Morris dba ACIR


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TJ Morris Agency

ACO Club -American Communications Online

a division of TJ Morris dba ACIR

Theresa J Morris
American Communications Online

Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris is the owner operator of a woman owned small business in the United States of America.  Her brands are TJ Morris, ACIR, ACO.

Theresa J Morris is also known as TJ Morris in MEDIA and as an AGENCY. TJ Morris Media, and TJ Morris Agency.

Theresa owns the imprint TIMELY MANOR BOOKS, an division of TJ Morris Publishing since 2004.

Theresa also known as TJ shares American Communications Online with her various resources, as BOOKS, EBOOKS, VIDEOS, MUSIC DVD’s, RADIO SHOWS, WEBSITES, and her own private club as a socIal club.


Once she gets to know you she will then see if you are a good fit in one of our social club groups. Theresa J Thurmond Morris works with ACO to increase awareness in educational entertainment and is categorized in education and health in business.  Integrative Medicine practitioners and authors share her interests in health and wellness.


ACO Code of Ethics is important to all of our alliances who do business with us online. American Communications Online shares in the Social Club groups in social media.

The ACO Code of Ethics

In accordance with board policy, every Director, Committee Member, Officer, Agent, Attorney and Employee of ACO
shall be guided by the Code of Ethics set forth below and should:

  • act with the highest degree of integrity, which requires being honest
  • and candid
  • recognize and accept personal responsibility to build and maintain ACO’s good name and reputation
  • give earnest effort and best thought to the performance of all duties
  • never use ACO’s equipment, systems, software, rooms, offices, facilities or supplies unless authorized by proper authority
  • protect the privacy and confidentiality of employees’ personal and employment information and members’ personal information and financial records/transactions. Never access any member account without a business need to do so.
  • not disclose sensitive operational or competitive issues with outside parties. Disclosures to representatives of the media will only be made by parties specifically named to do so.
  • never use any information obtained in the performance of ACOduties as a means for personal gain or benefit
  • disclose, to the Chairman (in the case of officials) or to the cognizant Vice President (in the case of employees): all potential conflicts of interest, including those in which you are inadvertently placed due to a business or personal relationship with another employee, any member, supplier, business associate, or competitor of ACO’s Federal, or any other entity with which ACO does business; all fraudulent activity, dishonesty or corruption wherever discovered; and evidence of a violation of the laws, rules or regulations applicable to ACO and the operation of its business, or of a violation of this Code of Ethics
  • provide the highest level of service in a courteous and professional manner and treat all individuals fairly without regard to age, race, color, national origin, sex, religion, disability, veteran’s status, social and economic status, or any other basis protected by law. Never act unfairly by granting special favors or privileges to anyone, whether for remuneration or not.
  • never solicit or accept for personal gain (or for the benefit of any third party exceptACO ) any gift, gratuity, benefit or unusual hospitality that might be construed by reasonable persons as tending in any way to influence one in the performance of duties; nor accept anything of value in connection with ACO ‘s business after any transaction is discussed or completed
  • never process or give authorization to process any loan or paper, monetary or data transactions for own accounts; accounts on which employee is a joint owner, authorized user, co-borrower, a custodian, or a trustee; and accounts belonging to any family member, to any substantive equivalent of a relative, or to anyone residing at the same address
  • never mislead, coerce, manipulate or fraudulently influence the National Administration examiners, external auditors or internal auditors preparing an audit report
  • never engage in business with ACO directly or indirectly, which is inconsistent with the honest performance of duties
  • never participate on behalf of ACO, directly or indirectly, in any deliberations or decisions on any question in which one has a personal monetary interest, including any decisions affecting the procurement of equipment, supplies or services from any source
  • uphold these principles as fundamental to the well-being of ACO and to its continued service, growth and progress


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