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The ACO Club, led by Theresa J Morris alongside prominent figures like Bret Lueder and Janet Lessin, operates as a dynamic platform for exploring spirituality, extraterrestrial contact, and personal development. Theresa J Morris, as the founder and host, brings her expertise as an author, psychic, and facilitator to the forefront, guiding discussions and providing intuitive insights. Bret Lueder, known for his work as an author and journalist in paranormal fields, contributes his investigative prowess and broadcasting skills to the club, enriching discussions and events with his knowledge. Janet Lessin, serving as a co-host, plays a pivotal role in fostering connections and facilitating group discussions, contributing to the vibrant community spirit of the ACO Club and Ascension Center Network.

Together, these individuals create a rich tapestry of content, events, and discussions that engage members and encourage exploration into the realms of spirituality and extraterrestrial phenomena. Through their collective efforts, the ACO Club and American Communications Online continue to serve as a hub for those seeking understanding, growth, and connection in these fascinating fields.

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