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Great American Eclipse 2024-Ascension Awakening

We rejoice in the era of time that we are alive to celebrate April 8, 2024 together as a humanoid species.

We share information in the greatest way possible for us now with the Internet and future of A.I. with American Communications Online. Good Luck!

–Ascension Centers

A Universal Plan

“The Great Awakening”

By: Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris

Original Transcript Hawaii USA

Understanding is defined as “The power to make experience more intelligible by analyzing it in the light of valid and appropriate concepts”.

Truth as a way of awakening sleepwalkers and clearing the conditional cobwebs from our minds.

No one with the truth is ever welcome in any culture. However, one never fails to dehypnotize many of the victims of the mass-culture process.

In today’s cultures as we witness the coming of the new paradigm, the new evolution, we witness the gratifying sight of many sleepwalkers awakening from the illusion they call reality.

We must bring the truth of Ascension, the higher consciousness, higher energy vibration, or fifth dimensional way of thinking to the third dimensional planet.

Awaken you sleepers awaken.

Ascension Centers will be the home of a new holistic way of thought, and a new way of Life.

The New Frontier

Welcome to the new frontier a virtual reality in motion, metaphysics, and spirituality.

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