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Ascension Club Online – Alien Contact Online An ACO Club Original 2012


My name is Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris in the Ascension Center Education and Enlightenment for the Age of Ascension.  My friend, Janet Kira Lessin and I, Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris have become good friends in this lifetime. We plan on sharing our story as we become even better friends in the future. This information is a collection of information we share for our agreement of assisting others in the outreach education of community of online practicing skills. Some people call us the two Janet’s as the angels of Ascension in this lifetime. We are humbled.

We have decided to continue our research together and present this information which we agree to explore together with others of the Ascension Center Network. May we all have a future of 2012 & Beyond in the Ascension Age movement we also call the Age of Aquarius of Knowing and not just believing that Alien Civilizations Exist and Extraterrestrials are guiding us be they in one form or another we shall want to share the future with all. We believe in health and prosperity for all.

Ascension Age – World Tectonic Economics Sustainability

We with the Ascension Center Enlightenment Organization will be sharing in our plans for all those that desire to share in health and prosperity for all. We will suggest a better way of life for all of us to maintain a life that is awake and aware with a higher consciousness. We will share in our work to make the world a better place for all of us and our children and all our progeny.

The Ascension Center Organization aka ACO will be known in 2012 for that which supported the Ascension Age movement in the world. TJ was inspired to create the first Ascension Center in Hawaii and Janet Kira Thompson Lessin is the Curator – Manager for those who desire to become a part of the Ascension Center Network.

ACO Association

We are three and we added others along the way.

Seekers of their own spiritual path are welcome to join us on our own soul journey.

We are an unincorporated association in the United States of America. We share our own content on our own websites.

We appreciate Dr. Alexander Phillip Lessin, Ph.D. for leading us in a way on the planet for others on their own spiritual path.

We share together our books that he has inspired us to write.



By Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris and Janet Lynn Thompson Lessin

TJ Morris and JK Lessin

We are two women who have been called to our higher purpose and have remained loyal servants of the spiritual community we found and organized with people synergistically involved and the stargate or portal to the stargate for all futures of humanity. Quite a lot in the big picture to understand.

We took on the macrocosm and watched as the microcosm was shared in theoretical physics and spiritual science looking for the term “God Particle” some believe was the “Higgs-Boson”.

Now our journey finds us having written many books separately as authors.

We are attempting to write a series of books.

We invite others to join us in our authors and publishers club of independent contractors.

We write and writers write daily at least 2000 words a day or so we would like to believe in this cyberspace culture online.

Many of our friends have assisted in telling their own involvement on radio as authors, consultants, orators. Some as oracles, psychic mediums and some just because of their own spiritual experiences.

We discovered that our interest in the UFO and Alien topics for discussion were bringing together many of our friends at events all over the United States.

As fate would have it, we finally met in person for life forever. this lifetime on May 10, 2017 a day that is important for the future of our prophecies, myths, legends, and what we write about in our spiritual community.

We have invested into the energy that we all share something special and we have anchored in Hawaii, USA.

Janet Kira Lessin as she prefers to be called as a curator of our spiritual anchor center has been the mother known as Ninmah. The beginning of how we would stay in touch even with the UFO Community also known as the Ascension Center Organization or original (ACO) Club. The club for those who believe “Alien Civilizations Exist!” Our Alien Civilizations Exist Disclosure worked after we shared it online form the year 2007 together.

We now have many stories and articles not to mention books. We have a known history in cyberspace culture.

We have shared various parts of our history, our souls, and our own lives together while we were building the story of our universe and our spiritual community which would grow over time.


People are important and we learned we were not able to feed the world and the spiritual nourishment was all we may be able to provide for ourselves so we began meeting online and on radio shows.

We recorded our journeys and now they are part of the whole of what writers, bloggers, radio hosts, co-create and share as content providers.

Now, open-source information and research in education has become a full-time job for many online who want to see our spiritual community grown.

Some once called it homework in school. Before the internet existed, we as the Babyboomer generation watched the Internet become a real thing.

In our spiritual community we once called where we housed all our memories and energy in a place unknown the Akashic Field and the Invisible College. Now we are sharing more metaphysics in the world of cosmology than we ever thought possible.

Our spiritual science studies and research has grown beyond the awakening of consciousness.

We will now find a way to share our future and our past in the now.

We hope that people will join us in our writing endeavors to find each other and to reach out in communication.

Afterall is said and done, we all come alone and we all die alone. Everything we experience is about our own spiritual journey of our soul. We are humanoid sentient intelligent beings while here on planet earth and we are all here to discover why we are here before we pass again into the other realms of existence.

Many of us who have had near death experiences think that we have another larger view or purpose.

If this is so, then maybe those of us who have had near death experiences are learning about each other for a reason.

We all found each other and now we are looking for why we know of each other and the common denominator thus far are two-fold, we each had a near death experience and had a desire to learn of the Gods of the Sky or Deities or the monotheistic GOD on our own spiritual journey. We were all looking for our higher purpose and most of us found it in writing.


Stargate to the Cosmos

(Janet meets Sasha)

(Janet meets TJ)

(Janet meets Tommy) Thomas Anthony Sinisi, New Jersey moved to Hawaii.

(Janet, Sasha, Tommy, TJ Begin Radio with Apollo, and Len Kasten)

The 6 of us showed up on June 6, 2012 and began a journey






Chapter TWO