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In our pursuit of deeper spiritual understanding, the Ascension Conscious Oracles group explores integrative medicine and spiritual science. We delve into topics that resonate with spiritually inclined communities, promoting holistic well-being and enlightenment.

Ascension Cosmos Oracles Club (ACO Club)

The Ascension Cosmos Oracles Club is a unique platform where we integrate our spiritual science community with contemporary scientific knowledge. Our discussions and research cover a wide range of integrative medicine topics, aiming to bridge the gap between traditional spiritual practices and modern scientific advancements.

Theresa J Morris Cyberspace Culture Community

Theresa J Morris Cyberspace Culture Community serves as a digital nexus for individuals passionate about exploring the intersections of technology, culture, and spirituality. This community focuses on creating a safe, inclusive space where members can share their insights, experiences, and research. Through virtual events, forums, and collaborative projects, we foster a culture of curiosity and innovation, encouraging members to engage with and contribute to the evolving narrative of cyberspace and its impact on human consciousness.

Global Impact

Our global impact is reflected in our diverse initiatives and the vibrant community we nurture. We believe that by sharing knowledge and fostering open communication, we can make significant strides in understanding and improving our world. From investigating the mysteries of the cosmos to exploring the depths of human consciousness, our work spans a multitude of disciplines, each contributing to a greater understanding of our place in the universe.

History and Conscious Understanding

Our history is also rooted in the quest to improve conscious understanding of ancient history and new thought teachings. We believe that by studying the past, we can better understand our present and co-create a future that embraces the full spectrum of humanity. Through advanced communications, we aim to connect with humanoid intelligent beings and our creators, acknowledging the possibility of unknown entities guiding our journey. This holistic approach to history and consciousness allows us to integrate wisdom from ancient civilizations with contemporary insights, paving the way for a more enlightened future.


The ACO Association and ACIR are dedicated to creating a global network that promotes cultural exchange, scientific inquiry, and spiritual growth. By embracing diversity and fostering collaboration, we aim to build a better, more connected world. Our commitment to archiving and expanding knowledge ensures that future generations will benefit from our efforts. Join us as we continue to explore, discover, and connect the dots between the known and the unknown, the earthly and the celestial.

By nurturing a global community of inquisitive minds and open hearts, we strive to bridge the gaps between cultures, disciplines, and dimensions, fostering a more interconnected and enlightened world for all.